Mimiko uses the "KU" and "HA" methods learned from Sansui-ga to create brand new contemporary artworks. "KU" refers to the blank space where no ink has been applied, indicating a blank space other than the one expressed in the work, i.e. what the spectator associates with his or her own experience. On the other hand, "HA" means breaking the previous painting methods, not sticking to a single painting method, breaking existing relationships and frameworks, looking for new possibilities for things, and expressing contradictions, irrationality, and chaos.

1997  Born in Suzhou, China
2021  Tokyo University of the Arts, Oil Painting Major

2022  "Flowing memories", 39th Joint Exhibition of Japanese and Chinese Ink Painting, Tokyo, Japan
2022  "Genesis For Animals", Tokyo University of the Arts Art Festival 2022, Japan
2021  "PEEK", Art Festival in the Sky 2021, Tomi-city, Japan
2021  "Traces of Desire", Tokyo University of the Arts 2021 Art Festival Online Group Exhibition, Japan
2020  "Gender Ambiguity", solo exhibition, ATELIER TAKIGUCHI, Tokyo, Japan
2019  "Blossoms Moonlit River", selected for the International Youth Art Award "Da Vinci
2017  Ink wash painting, selected for "Tang Tiger Award" of Suzhou Artists Association, China.

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